Our Story

Pulsar Foodstuff began its journey in a small office in Karama, Dubai 1997, when Owen & Fionnuala Bennett had an idea to supply hotels with snacks for the rooms. It was on a hot summer’s day as Owen was measuring some carpet in a new hotel from a past venture when he spotted the opportunity, and after discussions with the hotel manager, decided it was worth a go!

And from there it began. Those early days were difficult, a two-person band of sales, packing, accounts, deliveries, and everything else in between. But they were determined to succeed. Growth was organic and as the nation of Dubai and the entire UAE grew, so too did the reputation, and size of Pulsar Foodstuff. The company became known as a go-to company for anything that the hotel was missing. We need some amenities for the rooms. Call Pulsar. Where can we get our own signature nut mix? Call Pulsar. As these requirements flooded in the portfolio of the company expanded.

It was soon time for a move to the industrial area of Al Quoz where a larger facility was taken and the first members of staff were added. Pulsar Foodstuff now had packers and operations managers, however the majority of work still took place out of a mythical, old white BMW which housed boxes of samples, accounts, files and more. Often spotted in loading bays late at night, another emergency delivery for an ever grateful customer, the car and owner are still fondly remembered to this day.

With calls coming from far off places such as The Maldives and Europe, Pulsar Foodstuff continued to grow. Additional packing and warehouse space were required, as were additional staff including a sales team, in-house design and operations team. Continuous improvements have always been added as have new products.

It started with personalized minibar items, which led to bar snacks. These then became signature mixes where every client got what they required. Products were arriving from Europe, America and Asia. Airlines came calling. Olives have been introduced as has the brand The Gourmet Olive Market. Branded amenities and hampers are regulary sold to an ever increasing customer base.

Without forgetting the principles that got the company to where it currently is, hardwork and endeaver mixed with creative solutions and an attitude of “there is always a solution” Pulsar Foodstuff continues to grow. An international team is ready to assist any requirement you may have.

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